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( Oz. )



Oz Vessalius

"Where would Alice be without Oz? Floating in the abyss like a zombie Oz is Alice's contractor, partner, and closest friend. Together they have experienced more than most would in an entire lifetime. The two were working together under Pandora searching for Alice's lost memories. Oz has sworn to help her and to remain by her side no matter what. But now Oz has vanished from Vatheon, leaving Alice to fend for herself. The two had arrived together and the time spent here was short and sweet. Oz has left Alice a black rabbit plushy that she can be seen frequently carrying around when she's roaming about the house. He also left her two strands of emerald green ribbon, this she always carries on her person. Whether its in her hair, tied around her wrist, or even her neck.


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Jack Vessalius

"Jack is an extremely precious person from Alice's past. She lost a lot of memories of the time they spent together after the tragedy of Sablier. She has gathered some information about him through Oz and her memories that she has recovered. It turns out Jack was pulled into Vatheon from a time period of 100 years ago. Much has happened since then and Alice will have to talk it out and explain it somehow, eventually.
After Oz vanished Jack took Alice under his wing and convinced her to move in with him. It's because of this that she now resides in Coral Corral House 9 with him and Canada. Despite the fact it is a four bedroom home Alice has been sleeping in the bed with Jack every night since Oz left. She doesn't like being alone at night because then her thoughts wander to him and how he's no longer around and it makes her incredibly depressed.
With the loss of Oz, however, Alice has begun to re-attach herself to Jack and grows closer to him with each passing day."


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Xerxes Break

"Someone Alice must tolerate but highly dislikes. Break has been known to surprise her one or two times by committing such random acts as popping out from underneath her bed, or stalking her down alleyways using a camouflage tarp. Alice usually brushes off Break's presence with some insults and witty (or unwitty) banters. However, underneath the surface there is a caring for Break that Alice is not yet willing to admit. She has however admitted to considering Break as a friend."





( The Will. )

( Cheshire. )

( Chef Guy. )


"The will of Abyss, or "Alyss". is Alice's white haired and clothed twin. 100 years ago they shared the same body in the human realm and would each climb up from the depths of the abyss for half a day. So while one existed in the human body in the human world, the other would exist in the Abyss. Not much is known about their life back then or about the Will herself. She often appeared in the form of a bloodied white rabbit to Oz, Alice and Gil in the beginning of the series. Alyss exists in the deepest depths of the abyss where she waits there for something or someone. It is implied this person is Jack and or Oz. Now Alyss has arrived in Vatheon along with Cheshire and Alice doesn't know exactly how to feel about her or her presence there. Though she's on edge that Alyss may possibly try to steal Jack away from her or possibly hurt her friends."



Cheshire Cat

"Cheshire was once Alice's precious friend, her pet cat and the only friend she could confide in for everything and anything. He would adorn a red ribbon in the form of a bow around his neck, with a bell attached to it. In the form he is in currently, he appears as a humanoid cat-like creature. Alice can't remember much about their previous time together which makes things very awkward. Cheshire has showed up in Vatheon along with Alyss. He also seems to be protecting the white twin for some unknown reason that Alice can not figure out. It upsets her that Cheshire refers to her as B-rabbit and had even gone so far as to assault her upon their first meeting under the bubble. After words he ran off and Alice hasn't seen him since.."



Matthew Williams

"A strangely optimistic and genuinely polite guy. The two first met around Christmas time when Alice was searching for someone to teach her how to sew in order to make Oz's Christmas presents. Afterwords they probably would have lost contact if it weren't for their new found connection as room mates. Canada is also good friends with Jack, which is how he came to be living with the two of them in Coral Corral House 9. Alice doesn't quite know what to think of the man, but he makes yummy bacon for breakfast, and so that's good enough for her to decide she likes him!. "


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( Red. )

(Porcupine Head.)

(Red's Cousin.


"The walking snack shack. If ever she is hungry for some tasty treats, Alice knows Red is the guy to go to! The two share a fondness of good food and curry bread. Red somehow manages to bring out the cute side in Alice despite her wishes to keep that part of herself hidden from most. Alice grows more and more attached to Red with each passing day here in Vatheon. After Oz left Red has somewhat managed to fill in that empty gap in her heart that she's missing. Plus, you know Alice is fond of you when she starts growing jealous of others close to you. That's right, she's over her head jealous of Red's Pikachu. It is because their relationship is so much stronger than her own that causes her to feel so bitter. As it stands now Alice is content with spending lazy days in Vatheon knowing that Red will always be there for her.


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"Red's idiot best friend/rival/childhood friend. Alice doesn't care for Green himself, she only cares because of his connection to Red. Alice knows her friend would be sad or upset if anything happened to Green, so she puts up with his rude and teasing comments for his sake. She doesn't like how he treats Red or how he parades around like he's the king of everything. Their current relationship mostly consists of insignificant bickering and snarky insults at one another."


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Red's relative from his home world. Upon meeting her Alice learned of her relationship to Red, which immediately put her on the list of people she's interested in. Currently Alice doesn't have an opinion of the girl, she doesn't know her well enough. However, because she seems important to Red, Alice will keep her eye out on her."



Not Alice?)

( Glow-boy. )

( . )


Some clumsy oaf who was apparently walking around with her name just before she arrived. He also then told her she had already been to Vatheon before and that he knew her. Thus adding to her overall confusion. She really just considers him to be an idiot, for now. Although Alice? did prove useful in the ways of partially explaining Christmas to her. It is because of this she was able to understand the concept of giving gifts on Christmas. He spoke of how the gift should be "whatever that person wants most." Thus filling her with enough information and motive to come up with gifts of her own."


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"A strange boy with markings on his body that cause him to glow a greenish color. He say's it's because he's a demon, which Alice finds interesting. But what's most interesting is the unexpected similarities the two share. Naoki has told Alice that he was in fact human prior to being turned into a demon. Apparently someone then planned to use his new found powers as a tool of great power. Alice can related because in her past, 100 years ago, she was locked away in a tower by Glen Baskerville, who planned to use her connection to the abyss for unknown reasons. Because of this strange connection, Alice is able to bond with the strange boy."





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