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14 March 2011 @ 02:39 pm
[The sfc turns on, set on a table angled up towards a young brunette on the couch across from it. Legs and arms crossed, for those acquainted with Alice she appears to have the same superiority complex as always, though she doesn't seem quite as smug as usual.]

For those of you who didn't know, the Will-- or.. a white haired and clothed girl who looks like me as well as the humanoid cat that arrived with her, Cheshire, have left this place. I can't sense their presence anymore, so they must have returned to the Abyss. So many are coming and going with no real rhyme or reason to it...

[Her foot, covered with a tall white boot, rocks back and forth as she lingers on that thought before she realizes that the video is still going.]

Well! It's not like I care or anything, I just figured I'd tell you guys that pair has gone so you don't need to worry about them lurking around anywhere. [She pauses, her foot growing still and her expression softening] ... Is it unusual for people to sleep for long extended periods of time here?

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10 February 2011 @ 06:10 am
[Sooo... guess whose wardrobe has been affected thanks to this new curse? That's right, This will be a very unamused looking Alice who woke up to find that all her normal clothes have been replaced with Lolita style dresses and outfits. All thanks to a certain whack job, pedophile, creepy guy telling her she should wear them.

She woke up in a Carousel themed dress, since apparently that sort of thing looks perfect on her. According to that strange man ]

If anyone even so much as looks at me funny this week, I swear I will end you.

[Siiigh. orz]

So this whole Val-en-tines thingy is coming up soon, huh? [She deflates a bit... clutching her black rabbit plushy that Oz left for her against her chest] I've never celebrated it before.. but I heard from someone else that its a celebration about love. So my question is... what is love really? I mean, I've heard people talk about it before but I don't think I truly understand it... So it's annoying to hear so many people gush over it like it's so great, when I don't even know how to begin to feel about it!

//{Filtered to Jack}//

Jack... I was wondering if maybe you'd like to... that is... what I mean to say... about this um... -thing....

Actually, never mind! Forget I said anything!

This isn't funny. This isn't fucking funny. Where the hell did that useless manservant run off to now? And what was the big idea; leaving her some stuffed rabbit and then sneaking off? Since when was he allowed to leave her alone and go off on his own without a word? He wasn't, couldn't, wouldn't...

Jack texted her earlier spouting some nonsense about how Oz was gone. But that wasn't possible. They hadn't figured out a way to leave yet. And if Oz was leaving, then so would Alice. They arrived together, so it's only natural they'd leave together. Right? Right.

Alice searched the entire city... twice over. She raided every nook and cranny of the city. Searching by rooftop, down alley ways, inside buildings, in bushes and trees, the forest, the shops and even the pirate ship. No inch of the city remained untouched as Alice roamed about, calling out his name in desperation. Praying that he'd hear her and respond. But there was no response. The cold night air stung at Alice's bare legs but she didn't care. She wouldn't stop until she found him. She couldn't stop until she found him. But she wouldn't find him. Oz was gone. He was no longer located in Vatheon. No matter how long or hard she searched, Alice would not find him.

It was very late in the evening now. The city had grown dark but Alice was still looking. She was extremely tired after all the fighting she had endured this past week and it was a miracle she was even conscious. But she still drifted about the city like a zombie allowing her legs to lead the way, which took her to the park. She stopped at the fountain that was located in the center and hovered motionless for a while before she took a seat on it's edge. She let her legs stretch out in front of her carelessly as she stared down into her lap. Slowly she slid a slender gloved hand into her pocket and pulled out a strand of emerald green ribbon. She stared down at it, running her fingers over the smooth material and without warning her entire body began to shake. She clenched her fists and pulled them up to her head gripping at her hair before settling her face in her hands.

Eventually Alice tilted her head upwards towards the night "sky" of Vatheon. Almost as if she were looking beyond the barrier and out back towards the world she knew. The world that Oz had returned to without her. "This is all your fault, Idiot!!! Useless! You're so useless!" She cried out as fresh tears streamed down her cheeks, ".....useless."

[OOC: I was listening to this song while I wrote this and I Sobbbbbbbbbbbed ;; Alice is really going to miss you, Oz.]

[....It's always the same. Just like in my dreams...I'm always chasing after him. Why doesn't he stop? Even though he's so close to me, I can never get close enough to touch him. To see his face. ]

Where are you going!?

[The SFC bounces up and down attached to a string around Alice's neck. Random blurry images of buildings, the outdoors, red material, long brunette hair and the 'sky' of Vatheon whiz by. The fast paced tapping of boots against stone pavement can be heard and maybe seen, should the SFC flash a downward shot allowing you a glimpse at her red boots. Eventually, it becomes obvious to the viewer that the bearer of the device is running. The star shaped trinket hanging around Alice's neck is hitting her chest and then ricocheting off in random directions.]

Wait! Please, wait!

[Her breath grows quicker. The rhythm of her steps becoming faster and faster before--- SLIP CRSHHH!!

The SFC tumbles to the ground with a CLANK and spins off to the side. Once the device stills, a clear shot of young Alice doubled over becomes visible. Thanks to the curse she is currently sporting this attire and this mask. Her bangs droop down as she angrily pounds her fist into the pavement repeatedly while shouting-]

Dammit!!! What is this!? A joke!? Is this some sort of game to you!?

[Panting, she sits up and brings her clenched fist to her face before pushing back her hair. It is then Alice glances down and over noticing that the SFC has been on, and for how long she isn't quite sure. She stares at it for a moment, tears pouring out of her eyes and dripping down her rabbit mask before she abruptly reaches a hand to roughly turn the device off.]