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[Name:] Alice
[Series:] Pandora Hearts
[Age:] 100 something 15...ish?
[Race:] Chain
[Gender:] Female
[Canon:] Retrace 48



Alice was actually a human that lived 100 years ago. She was locked up by Glen for an unknown reason in the Baskervilles' tower. Alice didn't socialize with anyone and she didn't have any friends, that is, until Jack Came along. Alice became very attached to Jack and longed for his attention. One day Jack brought Gilbert and Vincent with him to greet Alice. Alice immediately made fun of Vincent's red eye which caused Gilbert to pull her hair. This incident fueled Vincent's hatred towards Alice since she had made Gil "show that kind of expression again" and made Jack worry. It is not known who killed her in the Tragedy of Sablier, though the prime suspects are Vincent and Gilbert. Vincent had been running through Sablier, including Alice's room in the tower, during the Tragedy with a pair of bloody scissors, though the blood on his scissors can most likely be because of using them in Sablier to stab people's faces, or earlier when he had used them to cut out Cheshire's eyes.

[Coming of Age Ceremony:]

After the Baskervilles tell Oz his great sin was his very existence, Alice appears and attacks them, saying that she owns Oz. After she is defeated, she tells Oz that he will be with her soon, then disappears.


Not much is known of Alice's time in the Abyss. She comments that it was dark and cold. Her life there was empty and meaningless.

[Working with Pandora:]

Alice seems to be working with Pandora because they may be able to help her find her lost memories.


Alice generally puts up a very cold exterior to those around her. Through-out the series it is revealed that she shuts people out because she is afraid that once she gets close to others they will leave her. Alice herself doesn't realize that she acts this way because of occurrences from her forgotten past.

Alice is one of those people who doesn't think, she just does. She will say anything and everything very bluntly to your face without concern or remorse. She is short-tempered, rude, violent and very un-lady like. She doesn't get along well with Gil or Break. While her relationship with Gil is mostly violent verbal slander with names such as "seaweed head" and "stupid rabbit" they actually do care for each other as friends, they just aren't willing to admit it. Break's carefree, crazy attitude and actions make Alice very wary of him and she often refers to him as a "stupid clown".

Alice's softer side is brought out through Oz. Their unlikely bond continues to grow stronger the more time Alice and Oz spend together. Oz entered into a contract with Alice early on and has pledged to help Alice find her memories. Alice is very protective of Oz and doesn't like it when other people get close to him. She tends to get upset and act like a spoiled child when Oz ignores her or leaves her alone. Alice covers these confusing feelings of endearment towards Oz by insulting him or telling him to "shut up." Through-out the series it is implied that Alice develops romantic feelings for Oz, although it's not clear if these feelings are connected to her past forgotten relationship with Jack or not.

Alice is seen eating about 95% of the time, her favorite food of choice being anything meat. Alice is also known to eat in large over sized portions unfitting for any human male or female to eat at once. Alice can be bribed to do just about anything when food is involved and thus is easily distracted by the sight or smell of it.

It's hinted in between the lines that Alice is unable to express herself and understand her feelings completely because of her lacking memories. When Alice scattered her memories long ago she most likely lost the feelings she didn't wish to relive for whatever reason along with them. This is probably why Alice is so cold towards others because she doesn't know how to feel exactly or how to react to others feelings.

Strengths/Weaknesses :


- Super small girl with super strong powers.
- Thanks to Oz making a contract and lending basically his body to her she is able to unleash her true power in that of a giant black rabbit with a scythe.
- When in her battle form Alice can shoot chains from behind her.
- Enhanced super human senses (sight, smell etc.)
- Dishes out a good verbal battle just as well as she does a physical one.
- Super cute (I consider that a strength XD;)

- Gil uses his Chain, Raven, to place a seal on Oz which contains Alice's powers. In order to activate her full powers Gil must touch Oz's head and release the seal.
-  Alice becomes wary about using too much of her strength in battle for fear of stressing Oz's physical body to the point where he is in pain and potentially causing the seal on his chest to rotate further.
- Alice previously lost all of her memories and searches the world to recover them. As a result she doesn't completely understand herself and is desperate to discover "who she is".
- Not good with expressing her emotions.
- Doesn't Handle rejection well and is in constant fear of being rejected by those she becomes close to.

Other Important Facts :

- Alice doesn't feed on humans like other chains.
- It has been revealed that Alice was actually a human that was killed 100 years ago during the Tragedy of Sablier. The Cheshire Cat reveals that Alice scattered her memories on purpose.
- The Will of the Abyss is the existence that governs the Abyss. She is also the twin of Alice, both were conceived in the human world and born into the Abyss.The Will is a white-haired and white-clothed version of Alice.


Alice had gotten accustomed to finding herself mysteriously arriving in peculiar places. This is most likely why she wasn't quite so surprised to find herself in this seemingly strange underwater city. However, that didn't change the fact that she was none too pleased about it. Whenever things of this sort happened, bad things seemed to follow.

When Alice awoke the first thing she took notice of was her soaking wet attire. The next was an alien marking unlike anything Alice had seen before that stretched visibly across her left thigh. After verbalizing multiple profanities over these matters to no one in particular for several minutes, Alice finally calmed herself and decided it was time to search for her absent companions.

As Alice began to wander into the city she took a moment to wonder if this was an illusion created by the Will, or perhaps another lost memory she had somehow stumbled upon by accident? It seemed those memories of hers had a way of appearing when she least expected it. But the place didn't feel familiar, and she certainly never recalled being located in an underwater city such as this.

"So annoying," Alice muttered aloud to herself as she walked along the path. "I wonder if that stupid clown has anything to do with this." At the thought of Break Alice's mouth twisted to a frown. It seemed that man never brought good news. He was always leading them into trouble, almost as if he purposely tried to place Oz, Gil and herself in harms way.

Amidst her lingering thoughts of hatred for Break, Alice spotted a stranger innocently sweeping the walkway to their house. “Finally,” Alice grumbled tiredly and sauntered over. Alice had always felt the need to address others as if they were beneath her, literally. Perhaps it was a repercussion of her small stature compared to her overbearing ego. Alice hopped up onto the fence adjacent to the walkway where the unsuspecting local was working and grinned wickedly down at them like a cat would at its prey. “You there, human with the broom, I demand you tell me where I am, how I got here, and why the hell I am soaking wet!”

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